eeekkkkkk we are here!

We are The Bottle Card Company, a new business based in deepest darkest Dorset.

Carrie created  the Bottle Card after watching a friend try to wrap a bottle and fail miserably, this got Carries creative mind curious and she asked -  Why do we wrap a bottle? you can see what it is! Bottle Bags are so predictable and quite frankly uninspired. and so a lot of head scratching and the questioning all her friends (who... Carrie found out like their wine A LOT!!) about when they would give some one a bottle and why? Taking this info she mashed it up in her head and came up with the exceptionally clever Bottle Card.

Cider Bottle Cards 

Since creating the Bottle Card Carrie has created cards for Weddings, Events, Parties and bespoke ones for friends and family now its time to share with the rest of the world so you too can have great looking bottles :)